New BMP-based Data Provider Added January 28 2016

We have added a new (experimental) Data Provider to BGPStream. The CAIDA OpenBMP provider is a collaboration with Route Views and Cisco to provide access to a low-latency (~1min) stream of BGP measurement data using the OpenBMP stack. This data is available for immediate use with existing BGPStream installations by using the caida-bmp provider (e.g., bgpreader -p caida-bmp -w 1453912260). See the Data Providers page for more information about the current peers included.

BGPStream 1.1.0 Released January 28 2016

This is the second public release of BGPStream. It contains several new features including native support for communities. For more information, see the Change Log. It is available from the Downloads page.

BGPStream 1.0.0 Released October 26 2015

This is the first public release of BGPStream.