BGPStream: A Software Framework for Live and Historical BGP Data Analysis
Chiara Orsini, Alistair King, Danilo Giordano, Vasileios Giotsas, Alberto Dainotti
Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Nov 2016.

We present BGPStream, an open-source software framework for the analysis of both historical and real-time Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) measurement data. Although BGP is a crucial operational component of the Internet infrastructure, and is the subject of research in the areas of Internet performance, security, topology, protocols, economics, etc., there is no efficient way of processing large amounts of distributed and/or live BGP measurement data. BGPStream fills this gap, enabling efficient investigation of events, rapid prototyping, and building complex tools and large-scale monitoring applications (e.g., detection of connectivity disruptions or BGP hijacking attacks). We discuss the goals and architecture of BGPStream. We apply the components of the framework to different scenarios, and we describe the development and deployment of complex services for global Internet monitoring that we built on top of it.

Measuring and Monitoring BGP
Presentation at IETF 94, November 4 2015

Presented by Alberto Dainotti at the IETF Technical Plenary, November 4 2015.

"BGPStream" (An Open Source Framework for Live/Historical BGP Data Analysis)
Presentation at RIPE 70, May 13 2015

Presented by Chiara Orsini to the Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group (MAT-WG) at RIPE 70, May 13 2015.

BGPStream: a framework for BGP data analysis
Presentation at AIMS 2015, April 1 2015

Presented by Alistair King at CAIDA's Workshop on Active Internet Measurements (AIMS), April 1 2015.