The libBGPStream package provides the BGPReader tool as well as the libBGPStream API. Even if you plan to use the Python bindings PyBGPStream, you will first need to install libBGPStream. See the documentation for more information on using BGPStream.

Platform-specific Distributions

We maintain distributions of BGPStream for some popular platforms:

Build From Source

Building BGPStream from source is easy. See the Install Guide for more information.

Source Tarball libbgpstream2.2.0.tar.gz
Clone on GitHub BGPStream

Python Bindings

PyBGPStream is our Python bindings to the low-level C libBGPStream API. Ensure libBGPStream is installed prior to installing PyBGPStream. See the documentation and tutorials for more information about using PyBGPStream.

See the PyBGPStream install guide for more information.

From PyPI (preferred) pip install pybgpstream
Source Tarball pybgpstream-2.0.2.tar.gz
Clone on GitHub PyBGPStream

Broker Web Application

The BGPStream Broker is a web application that provides a unified query interface to retrieve meta-data about data available from different data providers. CAIDA operates a publicly accessible instance of the Broker that libBGPStream is configured to query by default (see the Broker API documentation for more details).

Advanced users that wish to run a private instance of the Broker may obtain a copy of the source code by contacting