Generate ASCII output

BGPReader is the simplest interface to BGPStream: a command-line tool for extracting BGP measurement data in ASCII format. It can also be used as a drop-in replacement for the legacy bgpdump tool.


Develop C/C++ code

libBGPStream is the central library of the BGPStream framework. It is written in C and presents a simple API for configuring and reading a stream of BGP measurement data. All BGPStream tools as well as the PyBGPStream API make use of libBGPStream.

Develop Python code

PyBGPStream is Python package that provides bindings to the libBGPStream library, allowing Python scripts to configure and read a stream of BGP measurement data.

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Metadata Broker Service
Access data-provider metadata

The BGPStream Broker is a web application that provides a unified HTTP query interface to retrieve metadata about data available from different data providers.

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