C/C++ API (libBGPStream)

libBGPStream is the core of the BGPStream framework; all tools, as well as the Python bindings use libBGPStream.

libBGPStream provides functions to create, configure, and consume a stream of BGP data records. Since libBGPStream is implemented in C, it is best suited for use cases that require high performance. Users without such performance restrictions may be interested in using the PyBGPStream Python bindings.

For new users, consider taking the libBGPStream tutorial which provides step-by-step instructions about using the API, as well as fully-working example code.

Take the libBGPStream tutorial »

For more experienced users, we provide an extensive API reference manual, documenting the public API.

Read the API reference manual »

We also make all the libBGPStream code available on GitHub, and encourage community contributions via Pull Requests.

Browse the GitHub repository »