Python API (PyBGPStream)

PyBGPStream is our Python bindings to the libBGPStream C API. It offers the same functionality (and much of the same efficiency) as the C API, but also the flexibility of a Python module, allowing rapid prototyping and integration.

To simplify porting to and from Python, PyBGPStream contains the _pybgpstream module, an almost exact interface to the libBGPStream API. We also plan to release a higher-level, more "Pythonic" interface shortly.

For new users, consider taking the PyBGPStream tutorial which provides step-by-step instructions about using the API, as well as fully-working example code.

Take the PyBGPStream tutorial »

For more experienced users, we provide an extensive API reference manual, documenting the package.

Low-level API reference »

High-level API reference »

We also make all the PyBGPStream code available on GitHub, and encourage community contributions via Pull Requests.

Browse the GitHub repository »